How to Prepare for your 15 Minute Strategy Call

Take a deep breath.
We’re here to give you a preview of what to expect.

You’ve just signed up for your free 15 minute strategy session. Now what?

If you’re just thinking about divorce, or find yourself at the beginning of this process (by choice or not), the thought of 15 minutes with a divorce expert might feel a bit daunting. How do I prepare? What are we going to talk about? How do I know what to ask when I’ve never been through this process before? How can 15 minutes possibly help me?


First of all, keep in mind that this is your 15 minutes with one of our experienced team members. Come to the call with any and all questions you have about the California divorce process – or don’t. We know the process well and want to help you strategize a plan to get you from start to finish – in the most affordable and efficient way possible.

A Sample Call Agenda:

Every call is a little bit different, but in general, this is how it goes:

  1. Introductions. A super quick overview of who you are and who we are.

  2. Where you are in the divorce process. This is your chance to share your story. Are you just thinking about getting a divorce? Have you decided to get a divorce and ready to begin the process? Or are you in the middle of a divorce and looking for new representation or just a little extra help?

  3. Your options. Based on what you’ve shared, we’ll give you our initial thoughts on paths you can consider taking at this stage of your divorce, and we’ll define each route for you so you leave with a clear understanding of the process.

  4. Brief overview of Hello Divorce’s free resources and tools. We’ll give you the 30,000 foot overview of what our site has to offer, and we’ll recommend articles and worksheets on our site that we think could be helpful to you, right away.

  5. Your questions. Lay ‘em on us. We’ve been doing this for a long time, so we’ve got lots of answers and  advice.

  6. Next steps. We’ll end the call with specific action items. Then we’ll follow up with links to all the resources, articles and worksheets we discussed.

How to Prepare

Don’t prepare. And we really, truly mean this. We’re offering this call for free because we want to make sure your divorce process starts off on the right foot – with you feeling knowledgeable and in control. This is your chance to share your divorce story without judgment, and discuss it with an experienced divorce expert. If you don’t have questions for us, we’ll still have tips and guidance to share with you.

Our time together is going to fly by, but by the end of the call, you’ll be surprised at just how much can be covered in such a short amount of time.

Why This Call is So Important

This is our chance to get to know you, and show you exactly how your Hello Divorce membership can help in your specific situation. It’s also an important opportunity for us to put a voice to the Hello Divorce website that we have so carefully built, with you in mind. Hello Divorce is so different from most other self-help websites, we want you to know exactly who you’re getting if you decide to become a member or retain our help, and what you’re getting if you decide to self-represent using our resources and worksheets.

 “Our purpose is to help people understand their best course for moving forward, in the most cost effective way possible. I hope people leave with a feeling of confidence and empowerment about the road ahead, and their next steps.”
– Erin Levine, CEO, Hello Divorce

Our goal is to make this 15 minutes feel like the best 15 minutes of your day, because you got so much value from this call.

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