Divorce sucks and cost an average of $27,000... EACH.  We make it easier and cheaper.
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Our proprietary software will walk you step by step through the process allowing you to complete Step 1: Petition & Response in under 15 minutes! And then Steps 2 - 4 at your own pace!

We are offering the first 7 Days FREE for our DIY Divorce or DIY Pro options (COUPON: 7DAYSFREE) 


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So you don't know if you want to start paying for the process yet and everything might feel a bit daunting. 


Schedule a FREE 15 Minute Strategy Consultation with our Legal Experts to find out what is right for you.


Share your needs, priorities, goals and concerns. Then, we provide you with a personalized divorce plan – our recommended options for you to complete your divorce in the most cost-effective, peaceful and efficient way possible. personalized divorce plan as we provide other packages and A La Carte services.