Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

Choose the membership option you would like. If you choose Starter Membership, you will be asked to enter your email address. We also ask you a couple of optional questions about where you are in the divorce process to help us customize your experience. If you choose DIY Divorce, Divorce Plus or Divorce with Benefits, you will be asked for your email address, personal information and payment information.

Why fixed fees for legal services?

Too often, lawyers are considered the only option for legal resolution, and most lawyers charge retainers (a deposit on services) and then bill all work on the case in tenths of an hour. If your retainer is exhausted, an additional retainer is demanded or bills become due as incurred. With a flat fee, you know exactly what the cost will be – no hidden or unpredictable fees.

Looking for help or advice now? Purchase legal services at this link – you could be talking to a lawyer today.

What is a legal document assistant and why use one?

A legal document assistant is your tour guide through divorce – they provide helpful information and prepare and process all documents required for a divorce. Our LDA’s are accessible through the “Divorce Plus” and “Divorce with Benefits” membership levels. Please note, LDA’s are not lawyers and cannot give legal advice. If you need or want legal advice, you can access experienced lawyers at this link.

How do I know what level of membership I need?

If you’re not sure which one is right for you, sign up as a free Starter Member. You’ll get a free 15 minute strategy session with one of our experienced Hello Divorce professionals who will talk to you about where you are in the process, how complicated (or not) your divorce is and what your personal and financial goals are. From there, they will help you decide on the course of action that works for you.

How exactly do Divorce Plus and Divorce with Benefits work?

Watch our 5 minute video to get the low down.

In short, you complete a guided, online interview and then your legal document assistant takes the lead and will complete all the paperwork required to get you divorced. Throughout the process, she will coordinate service (delivery) of the documents to your spouse and ensure that everything is properly processed with the court. Divorce is a process, not an event, meaning, it doesn’t happen overnight, but rest assured, we will make it as hassle-free as possible.

What is the Divorce Navigator?

People don’t usually think of DIY as a divorce option, but it is now through our Divorce Navigator app.

Whether your divorce is contested or not, you must complete the 20+ mandatory forms required – but why pay high attorney fees to fill out forms you can easily do on your own? The Divorce Navigator guides you through these forms with easy to understand, step by step instructions.

Additionally, if you would like attorney help for the more complicated issues or to plan your divorce strategy, we offer access to attorneys at on-demand, transparent, flat-fees.

Watch this video to find out more.

The divorce process feels so overwhelming. Will I be able to navigate the process on my own?

Yes, you can. First, you aren’t alone — we’re here when you need us. Second, we break down each stage into manageable, guided steps and provide strategy and support from start to finish. With our Divorce Navigator, you will be able to track where you are in the process and what you need to complete before you will be officially divorced. That being said, it does require you take initiative and stay the course. If your case becomes particularly complicated or overwhelming, as a Hello Divorce member, you can purchase LFLG attorney services at discounted rates.

When do I pay?

Our starter membership is free. You do not pay unless you sign up for one of our premium memberships or purchase an a la carte legal service. You pay for a month of premium membership at the outset of that month and monthly on the same date. You can cancel DIY Divorce membership at any time. Payment is due for our a la carte legal services in order to commence services. Once you complete the check out process, you will be sent a link to an intake form and/or online scheduler.

How do I cancel or downgrade my membership?

You can cancel your DIY Divorce membership at any time by visiting the My Account page and choosing “Cancel” where DIY Divorce is listed. While you can also cancel your Divorce Plus or Divorce with Benefits membership, if you are on the installment plan and you choose to cancel, you will no longer receive the legal services associated with that membership.

Can I just stick with a la carte services?

Sure! Should you need clarification or review of any of your forms and/or help with strategy, or even legal coaching with an LFLG attorney —  just purchase a flat fee service and you’ll be on your way.

How is Hello Divorce different from other websites that prepare divorce forms?

After helping 100s of clients through the difficulties of divorce, our founder created Hello Divorce as a way to offer real, heartfelt, strategic support in a more accessible and affordable way. Unlike most websites that offer forms or legal advice, we provide you all these options and more – from our best-in-tech DIY Divorce to access to experienced, flat fee lawyers who work within the HD platform. We’re about keeping you empowered while offering all the support we can.

Can legal coaching and/or mediation be done by telephone?

Yes. All consulting, coaching and mediation services can be done by telephone or online video conferencing at times that are convenient for you. You book online and choose from day and evening options.

My divorce is contested, can I still use Hello Divorce?

Yes – contested or not, there are 20+ mandatory forms you must complete for the divorce process. Our Divorce Navigator guides you through these documents with easy to understand, step by step instructions.

We also offer many resources and tools to help you strategize your best position, see where you have leverage, review tips for negotiations and court hearings and prepare your documents. If you don’t want to go the full DIY route, we offer document preparation and review or you can purchase legal coaching with an LFLG attorney. Of course, if your divorce gets super complicated and/or you have domestic violence in your relationship, we recommend you consider using Hello Divorce only for second opinions and instead opt for full representation.

Are there any additional fees or costs?

Fees to third parties are excluded from our membership price (although we are happy to facilitate payment). California courts charge a filing fee for a divorce petition and response (currently $435) unless you qualify for a fee waiver. If you utilize a process server to deliver your filed documents to your spouse, you should expect an additional fee of approximately $75 – $100.

My spouse and I are interested in online mediation, how do we sign up?

The first step is to get a flat fee quote for LFLG mediation services. LFLG will respond with a quote and more information. From there you can discuss with your spouse and decide whether mediation is right for you.

Is the Hello Divorce Divorce designed for couples?

No. While both partners can sign up, the process is designed for individual journeys. That being said, we encourage both of you to work cooperatively and be transparent throughout the divorce process.  If you and your spouse need assistance working out an issue, we provide access to LFLG and/or affiliate online mediators.

I have another question that isn't answered here. How can I reach you?

Feel free to email us at Please note that we do not provide legal advice or strategy but are happy to advise you on our process and services.