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There are over 20 forms you may need to fill out to complete a successful divorce and over 500+ places you can write the WRONG information.


Our Divorce Navigator software helps make things easier and allows you to follow a guided interview that generates the actual divorce forms you’ll submit to the court. The Divorce Navigator is broken down into 3 easy steps, you can stop and start as you please.


The average membership is 6 months long – the time required by CA courts to process a divorce. Some users opt to keep their membership until receiving their final judgment, while others only use the membership for one step of the divorce process.

Upgrade for Legal Divorce Expert Help and we File / Serve

DIY Plus additionally includes the support of a legal assistant to 1) answer procedural divorce questions and guide you through the steps, and 2) file and serve ALL divorce forms – making your process completely online (no courts, no post office, no travel!).

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So you’re just thinking about divorce, or find yourself at the beginning of this process (by choice or not), everything might feel a bit daunting.  


Schedule a FREE 15 Minute Strategy Consultation with our Legal Experts to find out what is right for you. Or just jump right to pricing HERE


Share your needs, priorities, goals and concerns. Then, we provide you with a personalized divorce plan – our recommended options for you to complete your divorce in the most cost-effective, peaceful and efficient way possible. personalized divorce plan as we provide other packages and A La Carte services.