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Why pay lawyers to complete paperwork that you can do with our software or that our expert team of legal document assistants can handle for you?

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We provide the ONLY Divorce Navigator software in the industry


We know divorce can be difficult, but you're not alone. 

We are one of the only online divorce companies that fully guide you through everything besides just divorce paperwork with an easy to use software.

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Access our resources that answer ALL your divorce questions and get you organized. Every resource was inspired by a question we heard from someone like you and is packed with our family law know-how and years of experience.

Get comfortable with the process and with us.

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You share your needs, priorities, goals and concerns. Then, we provide you with a personalized divorce plan – our recommended options for you to complete your divorce in the most cost-effective, peaceful and efficient way possible. Learn tips for preparing for your 15 minute call.

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We recommend, you choose. We offer affordable plans, and access to a la carte legal services

available through LFLG.

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Lawyers On-Demand

Have specific questions about the divorce process? Would you like an experienced lawyer to review your documents? Speaking with a legal coach can give you the peace of mind of knowing your legal bases are covered.

Get on-demand access to experienced family attorneys who can give you skilled legal advice and strategy relating to all the issues that may come up in your divorce – without having to navigate an extensive intake process.

Choose the amount of legal coaching time you would like. Keep in mind that you can use this time over the course of your divorce. Once you complete your purchase, you will be sent an email with the link to schedule your coaching session.

Keep in mind that you can use this coaching time over the course of your divorce.

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Schedule FREE 15 Minute Strategy Session to see what works best for you